We brought Granary Nook in Windermere in May this year. Having our own place in the lakes had always been our dream, although we didn’t know if it was something we could ever achieve.

However things fell into place for us. We only viewed 2 properties and fell in love with Granary Nook, the house, and the location as it is just off the high street in the centre of Windermere.

Granary Nook, Windermere. Sleeps 6. Pet Friendly, Wi-Fi,

Once we had made our mind up it all happened very quickly. We bought through auction which was new to us and we were grateful to Cumbrian Properties for helping us through the process.

Following completion, that’s when the work really started. The property was already a holiday rental through Lakes Cottage Holidays so we decided to keep things as they were. That was a good decision as they have helped us enormously. As this is our first rental property we have so many questions which they patiently helped us with.

Although we loved Granary Nook straight away, we did feel that the property needed updating quite a bit. We wanted to make the kind of cottage that we would like to stay in ourselves. It was always our intention to holiday there, as we love the Lake District.

The fun started when we looked at our timescales. There were already pre-existing bookings and the next one was 3 weeks away. We didn’t want to let anyone down.  Fortunately we had some great help with the workmen we employed. In that time we had walls plastered and decorated, a new kitchen fitted, new carpets, soft furnishing, beds and kitchen contents. I’m still not quite sure how we achieved as much as we did and it is still a bit of a blur.

We left a hospitality tray and welcome card for our first guests and were delighted with their response. They loved the work we have done and even bought us a poppy tray to match the poppy theme in the kitchen. Our first very happy guests.

A low point came when we started having leaks.  We tried to get some repairs done to the roof a few times and in the end realised that we needed a full roof replacement. That was a blow as it wasn’t something we had budgeted for, but it had to be done. This work has now been completed and the rooms affected have been redecorated.

That said we have never regretted our purchase and love staying there ourselves. We know we will always need to invest in Granary Nook. It’s one of the oldest buildings in Windermere and needs love and care. We feel very lucky to be its owners and it will be a holiday home for us and our children for many years to come.

We have just installed Wi Fi to the cottage as our guests have told us that would enhance the property.

We enjoy sharing it with guests and like to read the visitors book to get feedback. We have some great comments in there.

Our next project will be the outdoor courtyard. We understand that not many rental cottages in the centre of Windermere has outside space like Granary Nook.  It is nice now but we know we can make that space extra special.

However that’s a project for next year. For now we will enjoy the cottage and hope our gusts do too.

Anne and Dave

Here are just a few before and after pictures

Granary Nook Before & After Photos

Granary Nook Before & After Photos

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