“Dad n’ is lad” go on a fishing trip at Forest Way, White Loch, Rockcliffe, South West Scotland. 

The loch is looking particularly beautiful at the moment, surrounded by the changing colour of the trees.

This and the mirror calm water make for an idyllic autumnal scene.

But the approaching colder weather means that that beautiful calm scene disguises the excitement that lies beneath.

Yes – its Pike season!

Now it’s one of those rites of passage when “Dad n’ is lad” go on a fishing trip and even if the “lad” is 35 years old, it doesn’t take away the magic of spending quality time on a quiet loch, on a fishing trip with your son.

But it became immediately clear on our first expedition that this was to be no “Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn” trip dangling your pole in the creek.

Oh no. This is the “Youtube” generation, and my son arrived, fully versed and fully armed with all the latest kit, to catch the biggest Pike!

And before you could say “..all,the gear… no idea” we were off, armed with a whole new vocabulary of “Jerksters, super squirrels and ninja shads” and of course the landing pad on which to unhook our monster catch!

And then……..nothing!

Clearly the fish had not received the ” how to get caught” memo.

The minutes turned to hours and the “what are we doing wrong discussions” began…….. until…

Relief all round. A bite!

Not the biggest pike in the world but we had a fish, the duck was broken!

The beauty of the loch is that fishing is restricted to the half a dozen owners of properties which adjoin it. This means it is not overfished and I am told that there are some sizeable roach and perch to be found as well. But they are for another day and soon some sizeable pike began to find their way to his hook.

All caught and safely released back into the loch. What better way to spend lovely autumn day.

“Did I catch any?” I hear you ask.

Indeed I did. Now I will admit that at first glance it may not seem as impressive as the ones my son caught but let me tell you it put up quite a fight!!

And oh the one that got away….well………

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