When staying at Ingle Burrow the self catering cottage in Windermere, we can highly recommened dinner at Forest Side, Grasmere Restaurant.

Our last blog about the stay in Ingle Burrow, Windermere was all about food.

We had to complete the gourmet journey of the closest restaurants by going to Forest Side, Grasmere restaurant.  We thoroughly enjoyed our tasting menu with delicately presented food on amazing stylish ‘plates’.  In some cases not plates but charred wood, or scalloped slate.   Forest side has just been renovated and it has been done really well, including a tweed jacket uniform befitting a hunting lodge.  Service was impeccable, one more glass of wine and I would have wanted to challenge the sombre presentation. A bit like trying to make a Buckingham Palace guard laugh. We had a fantastic meal at this Grasmere restaurant.


Reflections in the lakes, continue to be fascinating and splendid.  Cliché after cliché.  It’s great that when out walking people tend to be in a good mood.  Remarking on the weather is an English custom we know, but in the Lakes it’s the fabulousness of everything  that is the conversation. The woolly belted Galloways, the crisp air or the reflections which are in fact clearer and more splendid then the actual hill or trees.


White Moss was in full fettle, with its fine, easy walking and route to Grasmere which wasn’t as long as we had anticipated.  Amazing little yellow birds,  busying themselves on the water’s edge was entertainment for a while and the pike fisherman who was wading about in the shallows added to our company and general conversation.

Carlisle was a shopping trip and worth the drive.  Usual shops and cafes but good for us to explore the homeland of Lakes Cottage Holidays. We had a drive along the A6 with it’s own scenery and landscape.

Great time of year to put the logs on the fire and watch DVD’s. Then stroll down into the village centre to have a delicious Raspberry, prosecco and vodka cocktail on The Light House patio, watching  the world go by.



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The self catering cottage centrally located in Windermere sleeps 5 with three bedrooms and accepts 2 dogs with an open fire in the lounge.