“Louix & Frankie Adventures”. The boys wanted to introduce themselves for the start of their Louix & Frankie Adventures blogs about days out, cottages to stay in and general adventures in and around the Lake District!

Hi my name is Frankie and My name is Louix.

Louix: I’m 5, my mummy is called Caroline and my daddy is called Marc, my brother is Beau.

Frankie: I’m 4 and my mummy is Rachael and my daddy Is called Frankie and I have a baby sister, her name is Beatrix. And I’m a chatterbox hahaha

Frankie : Our Grandad David and Nanna Mum own Lakes Cottage Holidays and that means we get to have lots of holidays in the Lake District. My Mummy, Louix’s Mummy and our Auntie Sasha all work for Grandad David. He’s very bossy hahaha

Louix: And one day Grandad David says we are going to work for him, but Daddy says I’m going to be a footballer for Man U.

Frankie: Louix, Grandad sells houses too, he owns Cumbrian Properties too Louix. I’m going to work there when I’m big.

Frankie: We sometimes go to the offices to see the girls, and they always give us sweets and I like to sit and draw at a desk when I’m there and pretend to answer the phone. I can really take bookings Louix, I can ask Karen, she lets me.

Louix: When we go to the lakes we like to go for a walk and we always have our lunch in a pub. Our favorite places to go are Windermere to feed the ducks, it’s so funny when the ducks chase you. My mummy always screams her head off she doesn’t like birds

Frankie: My little sister is called Beatrix and she is 1 and she likes Beatrix Potter World and Louix’s brother Beau, he’s 2 and a half, likes it there too. We love the stories about Peter Rabbit and we have been to where Peter Rabbit used to live too.

Frankie: What else do we like to do……… I like Keswick because I like to walk to the Lake and have an ice cream.

Louix: I like Grasmere because I like the smell of ginger bread there.

Frankie: My favourite place is Pooley Bridge, when I go with mummy and daddy, my sister and Tiggy (our dog) we paddle in the water and go fishing I absolutely love it there. And where we sit to have a picnic you can see the boathouse, I always wave at it hahaha.

Louix: I’ve been on a big boat trip up the Lake (Ullswater Steamers) before too and even Frankie’s dog Tiggy went on it too. I really liked going to Tree Top Trek, it was a bit scary but was so much fun.

Frankie: When we go on a walk we like to hide behind trees and find sticks that look like guns, I like collecting stones and conkers and special leaves for my mummy too. I always wear my wellies when I go on a walk. Sometimes we pretend to be Swallows and Amazons. Grandad David said he’s going to take us camping in the summer. We always look for pirates on the Lakes.

Louix: Grandad David always takes us for walks. And Frankie always gets so muddy and I’m always clean haha.


We hope you will enjoy reading about the Louix & Frankie Adventures that they will enjoy throughout the Lake District