We always look forward to our family break in Langdale each year but this year it rained…….. so what to do on a rainy day in the Lake District, for kids.


On Friday we woke up early and went around the cottage waking up everyone else. It was raining, Nanny said to us ”What to do on a rainy day in the Lake District?” and we said ”Lovely weather for ducks Nanny” so we got out the VIP folder at the cottage and chose which Lake District attractions we’d like to visit. And even better we had the cottage’s VIP card for discounted days out in the lakes too! So first on our list was a morning at Lakes Aquarium, Windermere. We got there just in time for feeding time and we helped feed the Marmosets and we gave the Tortoises a bath. We can’t believe we got to touch a real tortoise. It was amazing walking through the underwater tunnel, and we saw sharks! The sting rays were awesome! Beau and Beatrix loved all the colorful fish and the otters! It was still raining when we came out of the aquarium so we jumped in all the puddles.


The Louix and Frankie Adventures, Lakes Cottage Holidays – visiting the Lakes Aquarium Windermere.

We then went on to the Lakeland Motor Museum. We have never seen so many cars and motorbikes and some were so old! We love the little cars that looked like bubbles and spaceships. One of our favorites was a very old fire engine. Mummy said its even older than Grandad David! We had a look at the Bluebird exhibition, Nanna mum told us about the Campbells and their speed records for cars and boats. We watched a video that showed the tragic accident on Coniston where Donald Campbell sadly died whilst attempting to break his own world water speed record. It was very scary. The full-size replica Bluebird cars were amazing, we love the bright blue colour and shape of them they almost look like spaceships.


The Louix and Frankie Adventures, Lakes Cottage Holidays – visiting the Lakeland Motor Museum, Windermere.


When we got back to Plumblands cottage we then went swimming. We absolutely love swimming, Beau and Beatrix love swimming too. Mummies don’t like getting splashed though do they, oops! We practiced our dives and Louix can swim with no arm bands now. There are lots of places to go swimming in the lakes, some of our cottages include leisure memberships too!


The next day was a rainy day in the Lake District again but we could see the sun was trying to get out so we went for a walk from Plumblands Cottage. We got all wrapped up with our snow suits and puddle suits wellies hats and gloves and walked down to Langdale then along beside the river to Elterwater and ended up at Chester’s by the River. Our mummies have been coming here every year since they were our age and that’s a long time! We had hot chocolates and cake it was so yummy. Then we had lots of energy to walk back. We like our walks because we can jump in muddy puddles and collect stones and sticks.


The Louix and Frankie Adventures, Lakes Cottage Holidays – splashing in puddles on their walk at Elterwater, and a visit to Chesters by the River at Skelwith Bridge.

On our last day it was a rainy day in the Lake District again so we went to The World of Beatrix Potter in Bowness on Windermere. It was lots of fun to see the characters from the books that our mummies and daddies read us. We always say Louix is like Benjamin bunny because he is good and Frankie is like Peter Rabbit because he is always up to mischief! We had lunch here too and it was yummy!


The Louix and Frankie Adventures, Lakes Cottage Holidays – visiting The world of Beatrix Potter, Bowness on Windermere.


We always said Louix is like Benjamin and Frankie is like Peter as hes the rebelious one……. can you tell?

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