I am very lucky to have grown up in one of the most beautiful parts of the Lake District (biased, I know) on a farm in St Johns in the Vale. If you don’t already know about St Johns in the Vale, you should put it on your to see list.

One of my favourite places to visit, since being a small girl is Tewet Tarn, a hidden gem (I can even see my house from the top). It is only a short, albeit a little steep walk up to the tarn. This is my dog Ted at Tewet Tarn, he doesn’t like swimming so just admires the view from the rocks. He is a one year old, white border collie, although we are convinced he is part wolf. He works on our farm, but is also a pet. He lives with us and our other dog, a seven year old golden retriever called Beau, who you can’t get out of the tarn, she loves swimming and is very stubborn. They both love being taken on walks around where we live, and further afield round other areas of the Lake District.

From the tarn you can continue on to St Johns in the Vale Church, and if you are feeling a little more adventurous, up High Rigg, where you will experience panoramic views of St Johns in the Vale, Helvellyn and Thirlmere.

On Easter Sunday 2015 I walked up High Rigg, it was a scorching hot day, I even got unexpectedly sunburnt. I had never before been to the summit of High Rigg, and was amazed at the view. I wondered why I had never been here before, especially as it looks onto where I live, but I knew then it would become one of my favourite places.


I have always said, growing up on a farm, I believe is the best kind of upbringing you can have. My childhood was full of tractor rides, wellies, chickens, pet lambs, hiding in the barns and riding round in the truck with my dad and sisters.

Above is Jack, my dad’s farm collie, who is the father of all these pups. He has very unusual markings, and he has passed this onto the puppies who all have a range of different black and white markings. Rocky, shown on the bottom left belonged to my sister and her boyfriend, he sadly passed away as a puppy. He was gorgeous and intelligent, and wanted to be just like his dad! He can be seen here on the back of the quad bike posing for the camera. All the puppies went to a range of homes, some as pets and some as working dogs. Luckily we get to see a lot of them often.

The top right hand picture is of two twin lambs born on the 23rd August this year! Normally lambing time is between March and May, so this was very unusual, my dad (the farmer) had never had lambs born this late in the 30+ years he has been farming.

At 22 years of age I have had many adventures in the Lake District, and have more great places and things to do and see, would you like me to share them?


We hope you have enjoyed reading Siobhan’s Adventures, stay in one of these self catering Lake District cottages below to explore St Johns In The Vale.

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Gill Foot

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Thirlmere Suite

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Nightingale Cottage

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The Beeches

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