Walk along the Solway Coast and you too could get to see the Barnacle geese, deer and relax with a gentle stroll along the beach.

One of the delights of the Solway Coast is that there is something to see whatever the season.

In winter the “absolute must” is to see the massive bird migration to our area from the Arctic Circle.

Now I am not talking about a few hundred. But tens of thousands of Barnacle geese amongst others that come to Cearlaverock and Mersehead to roost over the winter.



The RSPB reserveĀ  is only a few minutes away from Forest Way so it was ideal for a nice afternoon stroll, along the Solway Coast.

Whether you are an avid “twitcher” or not. You cannot fail to be amazed. By the fields full of geese and the noise when they take to the air is deafening!



“Crowded” is not a word you would use for Dumfries and Galloway and the Solway Coast. But winter is a particularly tranquil time. And you can wander in almost absolute solitude through the woods onto a deserted beach. Where you can walk for miles without seeing a soul.



Solway Coast

Now I love sitting on the jetty on the loch at the house. But there is something very calming about the lapping of the waves down at the beach as the tide comes in.

Strangely today, as we came over the dunes on to the beach, the sound was different. Instead of the gentle lapping sound there was an almost crackling noise. Yes the sea was beginning to freeze over (I did say it was winter!)



I was hoping to get a photo of a White Egret that had been seen around the reserve but no luck.

However as we were making our way through the wood on the way back. My wife (doing her best impression of Tonto the Indian tracker) motioned me to stop.

“Look” she said.

“I can see a pair of eyes”

Having never been in the boy scouts, I could see nothing… until…. sure enough, just a few feet away….. somebody was looking at us!



Cold maybe, but, thousands of geese. A deserted beach where the sea is actually freezing and then a deer a few feet away. Now that’s what I call a nice Sunday afternoon walk.

You too could enjoy a stay at Forest Way, and take a walk along the beaches at the Solway Coast.