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Wooden welcome sign hanging on white door

Although you may know your property like the back of your hand, many things will feel unfamiliar to your guests when they first arrive.

Luckily, there are some simple and easy steps you can take to make your guests feel at home right from the beginning of their stay. An easy solution is to create a welcome pack where holiday-makers can find all the relevant information they need for a hassle-free stay. Below are 6 essentials to consider when putting together your welcome pack to ensure you include everything your guests may need during their holiday.

1. Welcome Message

Blackboard with 'hello' message written on

Writing a personal greeting for your guests is a perfect way to introduce yourself and tell people a bit more information about the property. There may be some interesting history about the place which guests are sure to love, and a friendly welcome message will make them feel instantly relaxed and more at home.

2. Emergency Contact Information

Antique style black telephone

One of the most important things to include in your guest welcome pack is a list of emergency telephone numbers. Alongside the obvious emergency services, it’s wise to also include the details of the nearest doctors surgery, hospital, dentist and veterinary practice (if your property is dog-friendly). When staying in an unfamiliar place, guests will greatly appreciate being able to access all these details with ease if needed, and will help to put their minds at rest.

3. Public Transport

Open Top 555 Bus in Bowness-on-Windmeremere

Another essential for your welcome pack is a list of local taxi numbers along with a bus timetable so your guests can easily get out and explore. If there’s a train station nearby it might also be wise to provide details of where to find this, and how & where to purchase tickets for each type of transport.

4. Appliance User Guides

Person turning dial on washing machine

Getting used to a whole host of new appliances can sometimes be very stressful for guests! To minimise problems, always include user manuals for your appliances, including washing machines ovens, hobs, microwaves, televisions, DVD players, heating & boiler instructions, and anything else you feel may be appropriate.

5. Dos & Don’ts

Do and Don't on the lightbox with plastic alphabets scattered on wood background

Providing a handy list of things for guests to take note of will be a useful addition to your welcome pack. Examples could be to ensure pets are kept downstairs only, or remind guests to take the rubbish out on a certain day for collection. It’s important to make sure guests know that when there’s a problem, they need to contact you (or us if you’re using our fully managed service) in the first instance, so any issues can be rectified promptly.

6. Local Attractions

In your welcome pack it’s a great idea to include some local information on nearby attractions. You could provide a few leaflets about places to visit and points of interest, as well as a map of the local area. You could also recommend places to eat and drink close to your property, with estimated walking or driving times to help guests plan their days better. Those unfamiliar with the area will hugely appreciate it, and it’ll help them get the best out of their stay.

Image credits:  David Dixon – (CC BY-SA 2.0)Bay Photographic, (CC BY 2.0)