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Woman with house supplies ready to to clean room. Spring cleaning, minimal style

Spring has finally sprung, which means now is the perfect time for a deep clean and a fresh start in your holiday let. Push your windows open wide, let in some fresh air, and allow the spring sunshine to reach into all the corners of your property. Take a look at our checklist below to see how spring cleaning your holiday home will breathe some life back into your cottage.

Greener gardens

After the harsh winter weather, holiday home gardens often need a lot of TLC to get back up to scratch. Give your patio a good sweep and a power wash, clean down your garden furniture, and plant a few fresh flowers. Don’t forget to clear out any dead plants in hanging baskets, trim the hedge and mow the lawn too. If your garden has a decked area, now is a good time to re-paint this if needed. Also ensure outdoor hot tubs and swimming pools are free from fallen leaves and general debris. See some top tips here on how to make the most of your garden space.

Freshen up

Spring cleaning your holiday home involves making sure the entire inside of your property is looking sparkly new. Check paintwork for marks & scuffs, topping up where necessary. Make sure to dust round all skirting boards (even those behind furniture) and remove all cobwebs from window frames and hard-to-reach places such as ceiling beams. Windows need a good clean inside and out too, checking for any signs of leaks along the way. Springtime is also the ideal opportunity to steam clean your carpets and soft furnishings, especially in pet-friendly properties!

Sweep the chimney

If your property has a fireplace, give the chimney sweep a call and ensure all is clean and clear after heavy winter usage of the fire. You could also re-stock your firewood supply – guests still enjoy the novelty of a real fire even during the spring months.

Inventory check

As part of your spring cleaning, make sure to check your inventory and replace any chipped or missing pieces of glassware or crockery. You could also purchase a few extra pieces to take you over the busy summer period – we recommend white crockery as it’s the easiest to replace if something does get broken.

Let there be light

Go round each room in the property and check all the lights and lamps are working. Replace any bulbs that need it and replenish your stock of spare bulbs for guests to use if necessary. You should also ensure your outside lights are working OK as guests still need to use these even when the nights are getting longer.

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Plump it up

Sofa cushions, armchairs and pillows – make sure they’re all plump and cosy, replacing anything looking a bit worse for wear. Also inspect your bedding and mattresses to see if the quality remains high. If your property is pet-friendly and supplies dog beds, you could consider replacing these if they’re starting to look tired.

Sound the alarm

Despite the name, spring cleaning doesn’t just involve cleaning. It’s also a good time to make sure your electrical items are all in order. Replace the batteries in your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors, testing them afterwards to ensure they’re fully functional. If you have security alarms on your property or electric gates, this is also a good opportunity to check these are still in good working order.

Carbon monoxide alarm in a bedroom

Renew your certificates

Insurance policies, gas safety certificates and fire risk assessments all need to be renewed annually. Spring cleaning is a great opportunity to go through your paperwork and see when each one expires. You could also check that you don’t need to update anything such as your personal details, otherwise your policies could become invalid. Find out what kind of insurance you need for holiday letting here.

A warm welcome

Every so often you should check the information in your welcome folder is up-to-date and correct. Remove any outdated leaflets or discount vouchers, and top up with brand new ones for the upcoming season. You should also ensure any user manuals are renewed if you replace your appliances, for example if you get a new TV. If you provide a welcome pack of food & drink, you could change this to include seasonal items. If you’d prefer us to organise this for you, you can sign up to our fully managed service where we take care of your welcome pack on your behalf.

Wooden welcome sign hanging on white door